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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Great Outdoors ! - Four Things You Need To Remember For A Succesful Hunting Trip (Guest Post)

I have lots of great memories as a kid of walking through the woods with my father on hunting trips. I don't ever remember him actually bagging anything, but I learned about gun safety and knife safety and how to be aware of my surroundings (which is a safety tip many young people could use today). I learned how to be patient and quiet, and I learned the calming power of Mother Nature. Science today is showing how being outdoors more has incredible benefits on mental health and even physical health. With that, the following speaks to some tips on planning a hunting trip...

Hunting, for a lot of people, is more than just a hobby. It’s an ability to retreat and get in touch with something almost instinctual. It’s a way of getting back to the thoughts and the ways that our ancestors lived. The feel of being a real predator and catching your prey. There are few things like it. However, if you want a successful hunt, you need to be prepared.

Your fitness
For one, you need to make sure you don’t underestimate just how physically taxing it can be to hunt. You’re doing more than trekking through wild terrain. Often, you’re moving for long times on end as you track down your prey. If you’ve never been hunting before, you’re going to need to train to get into shape for it. Not just for getting around, but for doing it whilst you’re carrying all the equipment you need, too. If you’re unprepared, you might find your body giving up on you long before you have the chance to make it a success.

Know the area
It’s not just the body that you need to get prepared, either. It’s the mind. Particularly in regards to the area you go to. For one, you need to stop by there beforehand to make sure you get permission to hunt there. Then you should take a night of camping and exploring to better know the area. Start identifying landmarks and distinct geography to help you get around. As it comes up to the day, make sure what kind of weather you can expect as well. Keep updating the forecast so you know what you’ll be contending with.

Bring the right gear
If you’re hunting, you better make sure you have the right stuff and know how to use it. For one, don’t take a weapon you haven’t practiced well with. Have a compass to help you maneuver the area. Keep a first aid kit in case something leads to you or one of your party getting injured. Make sure that you’re able to use the tools to your advantage, as well. For example, for spotting far off prey. If your weapon doesn’t have a good scope on it, you’ll want the best hunting binoculars on your side.

Be safe
Most important of all is making sure that everyone is safe. This relies on your knowledge of the area and what spots can be hazardous. It also relies on the gear you bring, like reflective vests to point out your presence to other hunters. Not to mention the kind of clothes that keep you warm and dry during those long trips. Another big aspect of having a safe hunting trip is keeping proper weapon safety. For example, never assume the weapon isn’t dangerous. Never point it at another person.

Failing to prepare properly for any hunt is an easy way to result in disaster. Keep everyone safe. Make it a success. Follow the points that we’ve laid out above and you should do just fine.


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