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Friday, July 8, 2016

Life Pro Tip (LPT) for Dads - Cargo Shorts !

The humble pair of cargo shorts. You can workout in them, play with your kids in them, do yard-work in them, run errands in them, and even sleep in them when you're exhausted from all of the activities listed above.

The most valuable, and in my opinion, under-utilized feature of the cargo shorts are the very large extra side pockets. You see, I use these A LOT. I use them for temporarily storing tissues, candy wrappers, plastic pieces, caps, paperclips, bits of garbage, bottle caps, receipts, ticket stubs, unfinished lollipops, rocks, fingernail clippings, and other various found items deserving themselves of the trash bin. At the end of each day I stand over a trash can and empty my pockets of their copious amounts of trash. Five seconds and it's done.

Now sure, you can chose to walk from wherever you are standing or sitting at any given time over to the garbage can in your vicinity a trillion times throughout your day- knock yourself out. You can go ahead and use up that extra hour of your day which you already don't have, OR within the envelope of half a second you can stuff some bit of trash into file thirteen of your pants and look fashionable at the same time.

The choice is yours.

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