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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Guest Post ! Getting in Your Exercise While Traveling

How To Not Break Your Exercise Routine While You Travel

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It is common for people to practice travel as full time work and have their schedules organized according to their daily routine. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the major chunk of tourists who travel to different countries or regions during a vacation from their work. The work related inactivity and muscle soreness, due to long hours of physical inactivity can easily be avoided by practicing regular exercises and workouts.

However, when on a vacation, it becomes really difficult to adhere to your daily workout schedules in the midst of all the hectic flights, hotel reservations, finding suitable transport and carrying limited luggage. Although most vacations are meant for the purpose of mental and physical relaxation, the health conscious people may often find it hard to keep up with their daily workout regimes while travelling. Keeping the same problems in mind, listed below are a few tips that can help you follow a dedicated exercise routine, even while travelling.

1. Packing Your Stuff Carefully
The vacationing mood starts to set in the same time you begin packing. Although it is extremely difficult and slightly foolish to carry any sort of workout equipment while you travel to another country, one can certainly pack some items that are essential for a workout. Gym clothes, skipping rope, running shoes and hand-grips etc. can easily be carried along with your luggage and do not take up a lot of space. Carrying such essential items will allow you to exercise anywhere, with or without the availability of gym equipment.

2. Prefer Walking To Short Distances
Depending on the holiday destination you choose, make sure you do not depend on a chauffeur driven cab too much. While holidays are meant to relax the body, they can often invite unwanted lethargy and lack of movement. Walking short distances and taking long strolls can be a good workout. Alternatively, you can also enquire the hotel authorities about renting bicycles. Cycling is considered to be a great workout that reduces muscle pains and keeps metabolism healthy. For those who follow a regular exercise routine, walking and cycling are great ways to keep up with their fitness regimes even during a vacation. If you’re visiting a beach destination (like Goa), running on the beach or walking on the beach is also considered to be a great way to burn the excess calories.

3. Use Hotel Resources to Their Maximum
Most luxury hotels these days have an in-house gymnasium along with several facilities such as jogging track and swimming pools. When staying in the hotel it is much easier to keep your fitness regime undaunted by the fun and relaxation. Weight machines, exercise bikes and treadmills etc. can all be found in the fitness room and several hotels also have tie-ups with various fitness clubs where you can easily go and enjoy a nice workout session. Even if you’re not much of a workout freak, several hotels and fitness clubs also offer the assistance of a trainer who can help you achieve your fitness goals.

4. Swimming
Recorded as a recreational activity since the prehistoric times, swimming is one of the best workouts known to man. The water cushions the body against most forms of muscle injuries, and helps build endurance and strength. Swimming can easily be done by utilizing the hotel swimming pools and to remove the excess fat from your body. Swimming has several proven health benefits over respiratory illness, chronic disorders and type-2 diabetes. Additionally, swimming has also shown to improve cognitive functions. Even if your hotel or accommodation facility doesn’t have a good fitness area with gym equipment, swimming can very well satiate all your workout needs.

5. Following An Instructional DVD
Most hotel rooms come with a television and a DVD player making it easy for you to play your favourite exercise program and workout in your hotel room. Several workout disciplines such as Yoga, Pilates and Tae Bo can be learnt and practiced by watching instructional DVDs and can very well help you set a workout schedule on your vacation. Women can also go for the Dance workout DVDs by famous instructors such as Richard Simmons, which can help you shake off those extra inches in a fun way.

6. Focus On Your Diet
It is common for travelers to avoid a lot of eating and only consume what’s needed during their extreme traveling routines. When traveling is coupled with regular workouts, it is highly important to prioritize your diet. Regular workouts not only burn calories but also take away a lot of nutrients through sweat and perspiration. Hence, it is important to replenish the lost nutrients to avoid losing muscle weight. In order to make sure that you eat properly, you might have to plan your budget accordingly during travel. Missing out on a fun outdoor activity and focusing on eating is unavoidable if you want to maintain your fitness while traveling. Hence, one must plan accordingly and make your choices for stay, dining and visiting attractions, based on your fitness regimes.

Exercising while on a vacation might seem to be a little far-fetched for many hardcore travelers. But for the health and fitness conscious, keeping up with their exercise schedules is everything. One can easily follow the above tips to make sure they get back home with a fit body and a relaxed mind after their vacations.

Author Bio:
Rohit is a fitness enthusiast and a traveler. He has traveled to many famous destinations in India and likes to maintain a fit body even while traveling. He also shares several fitness and travel tips in his blog- Trans India Travels.


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