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Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015-08-09 Fitness as a Religion

Look around and you'll probably realize that it's ok to talk about the weather and some of the news, but it's taboo to talk about religion. Now people will say it's ok to talk about fitness (and by fitness I mean anything physical), but even when talking about sports it can get confrontational pretty damn quick if you're not rooting for the correct team. Similar mechanisms are at work when talking about this program or that program. The funny thing is, if you go and do ten thousand burpees and drop dead- you haven't hurt anyone else. If you proclaim hat God told you to save the earth by killing a hundred people then we have a problem. In both cases you are dealing with a one track mind.
The usual remedy for the absurd is science, but as you can see even though we put a man on the moon more than forty years ago and carry around access to all human knowledge in our pockets nowadays- people are still either blowing each other up in the name of their God or more commonly walking around smugly assured that you are going to burn in hell for eternity because maybe you're gay or you ate a hamburger on Friday.
Science is a tool. Nothing more. one has to chose to use that tool, and not everyone has the where-with-all to use it properly either. Aside from that, there are new discoveries being made daily. What we may see to "know" today may be a bit different from what we "know" tomorrow. Perhaps this is what keeps many people doing what they're doing.
What I'm finding from direct experience is that you can get incredibly strong AFTER age 40 and by spending no more than three hours a week in the gym. This is heretical I know. Maybe this means I've got some explaining to do with the man in the robe and grey beard up in the clouds.
Crushed a #2 CoC closed at work the other day just out of the blue. Held a front lever for a second, and cruising through pistols and shrimp squats holding a 35lb kettle bell....and I'm not even training this or focusing on any of these. My focus the past six months had been the planche and the one-arm chinup. Along the way I'm spending a lot of time on joint health, and some time on maintaining. Turns out that maintaining has been benefiting from the progressive loading approach. Go figure.