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Friday, May 29, 2015

2015-05-29 Lurking in The Shadows

I've been fighting some bronchitis and stressful situations over the past few months but I haven't given up. When I'm at the gym I visit to do my training alone, I'm the only person I ever see with a pen and paper. The only one. Imagine taking a calculus class and showing up to class every day empty handed? No book, no writing implement, no notebook? Ridiculous right? Just consider your goals and see if that makes sense. 
Even in the shadows I am making gains. Yesterday I did my first ever "almost half one arm chin-ups". Several. So my new methods are quite eff stove and involve a good amount of hanging and swinging. Gee whiz I wonder why that would work? Yeah our primate ancestors probably never hung from branches (sarcasm).
Some things I am not specifically training have gone through the roof like shrimp squats (now doing multiple reps with weight). Other things I am not specifically training but have on maintenance have slipped a tiny bit like HS presses but that is ok. If you think you can simultaneously make heavy gains in every aspect of strength (and endurance) you haven't read the literature and are kidding yourself. 
I'll try to post more often...takes some time to step out of the shadows.