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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013-12-17 Robots and Gods

A friend of mine once went on and on about how he hated all the characteristics of being a human being, how it was so inconvenient and how it was too problematic. I told him he wanted to be a robot and it was completely absurd. It's similar to the way some folks either want to be, or think they already are, a God. Robots and Gods. You're no God, trust me. And if you want to be a robot, I feel truly sorry for you.
Embrace your humanity for crying out loud. It's like wanting the sun to stop shining, or wanting the number three to be the number four. It's not. Embrace what is, and stop fighting what is not. It's as simple as that. What's even more eye opening when you realize the gravity of this is that these types of things are not even changeable by definition! Many times if you don't like the way something is in life you can find a way to change it. But when something is not changeable even theoretically (how can you stop being a human?), then you better damn well get happy with the way it is.
What does this have to do with calisthenics? It's about accepting your body. It's about accepting your personal limitations and understanding your desires and those other things in your life that define who you are as an individual.
Aim at being a God and never be a robot. Be a human.

Friday, December 13, 2013

2013-12-13 The Cell Phone on The Airplane Issue...

One thing I love about this blog is that I can post whatever I want. I'm sure by now that if my readers have put up with enough crap from me and they're still reading, then they'll come back. I promise I focus mainly on calisthenics, but sometimes a good unrelated rant is in order.
Lately there is rhetoric on the radio and TV about the possibility of allowing people on planes to speak on their cell phones, since it has been determined that there is essentially no danger at all from interference, etc. So instead of a technical danger, the issue has turned into a social conundrum. It turns out that most people don't want to sit next to someone who's "yapping loudly on their phone for the duration of the flight". Yeah, no kidding, who does? For this reason, many don't want to change the law and want to maintain cell phone voice usage as a prohibited activity. I'm not here to argue either way. In many ways I don't really care. That said, it would be nice to surf the web during my flight without a $25 fee.
Doesn't anyone have an balls anymore? I mean if someone is being an asshole, tell them that they're being an asshole if their behavior is affecting everyone else around them. This culture of wimpiness has turned everyone into a bunch of school kids who need to run to the teacher every time there is even the possibility of conflict. Got news for you: life is virtually all conflict. Worse yet, the culture has turned everyone into isolated units who are completely unaware of their surroundings and everyone else. It's unrealistic and unhealthy.
Too bad not many people remember this:
It's called a phone booth. Now you could argue that it' was designed as a tucked away little box only because the technology of the time required a permanent, land-locked location. But you could also consider the fact that it was more in line with polite society- meaning that when you wanted to have a conversation with anyone, it was considered a private affair, not an opportunity to broadcast your personal life to everyone within shouting distance. We don't have phone booths anymore, but that doesn't mean that people should stop being polite. If you are an asshole, and you are choosing by your behavior to rudely disturb everyone around you, then you need to at least be made aware of it.
Rant over.

Hitting HSPU and Squats today. I'm ready for the challenge...

Monday, December 9, 2013

2013-12-09 Slow Results

So I'll be hiring a trainer soon to help me out with some very specific gymnastic and calisthenics skills, but I figure that the current level I've spent two and a half years building up to is at least a base I can bring in which isn't embarrassing like it was before that time.

I tried out a little one-arm holding. It was actually pretty easy. Yeah I know it's sloppy, but once I tighten that up it will start to get flawless...I hope.

Friday, December 6, 2013

2013-12-06 Let's Get Real About Sleep...

You all know the recommendations from health professionals by now- get at least eight quality hours of sleep every night. Sleep is important for sound health and also needed for proper recovery from workouts. If you don't get your eight hours, you'll have higher rates of all kinds of health problems and your hair will fall out. Ok, I made up the last part but you get the idea.
So what if you are physically unable to get eight solid hours of sleep every night? What if, for whatever reason, you are only getting five or so, and even that is interrupted?
Well first of all, I'm living proof that you can still progress in calisthenics without eight good hours of sleep every night. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I think what is key is the QUALITY of the sleep that you DO get, your mindset and physical condition, as well as HOW you get your sleep. We know from examples of yogis and other masters of their body that some are able to survive on very little sleep. We also know from sites like this: http://www.highexistence.com/alternate-sleep-cycles/ that it's possible to operate productively on far fewer than eight hours a day.

Consider the parameters of your environment that affect your sleep and you may become aware of unhealthy patterns causing you problems.

Good workout today. Pretty tired, but I realize it's mainly mental and I'm finding a way to use brief but intense efforts to continue getting results. Remember there is a functional difference between rest and sleep.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2013-12-04 Moving Beyond the Bridge

You've done step 10 bridge (stand-to-stand)? Now what?
Well, I will tell you that as difficult as step 10 may seem, there are a lot more difficult things you can try, and I'm working on them.

Step 1, Do this:

Step 2, Do this:

Ok, now combine the two and do bridge pushups with only one arm AND one leg at the same time. That's what I thought. Good luck finding any videos of people doing that exercise. Long way to go still.