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Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012-01-15 How to Use the CC Spreadsheet

In this video I try to explain how I use the Excel Spreadsheet I made. Sorry for the scratchy voice I'm still fighting a cold. The spreadsheet is simply a guide. I make A LOT of notes, and I am updating the spreadsheet monthly to accommodate new knowledge and experience from doing the Convict Conditioning work. I create intermediate steps, delete them because they weren't right, and then add new ones.

A critical key to reaching specific goals using specific steps is documentation. A very small percentage of people don't need documentation of their progress but that's superhuman in my opinion, especially with something as specific as Convict Conditioning.

I didn't get to blog yesterday even though I did train. I worked pushups and leg raises, plus some calf work. For pushups I am on one arm stuff, but it's been hard slogging through intermediate steps. That's what I mean. Even just yesterday I realized I am in a place to start a new intermediate step. It's not necessary to keep reducing the angle of the angled OAPU forever until you get to the ground. I've been working the 42" and 35" one arm pushup stuff and I will keep at it, however I have begun the "Assisted, Lever, Half, One-Arm Pushup" as challenge work. Mainly because the standard half-one arm pushup is still extremely difficult. Now I have to update the spreadsheet again. Wise note: Don't print out more than two or three sheets because you're sure to update or change your spreadsheet!


  1. Solid information, thanks for posting it.

  2. You should put a link to this page on the spreadsheet somewhere. Great work!

  3. Great help! Can't you put the link to the spreadsheet? ? Thanks in advance!

    1. How do I do this? Some sort of sharing site?

    2. yes, you can upload it to google drive, and then share the link! :)

    3. I do wonder if this was done.