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Monday, October 31, 2011

2011-10-31 Slowwwly Getting Better.

This cold has been annoying as hell. When I've tried to work out I start coughing like crazy. Today was no exception, though I do feel a small but noticeable change for the better upon waking up this morning. I haven't done a CC routine in almost two weeks it seems, so I wanted to do a little of everything. I did 15 regular pushups, 10 flat leg raises, 10 pullups, 15 regular squats, and a 40 second handstand hold. The handstand hold was interesting. So even though my physcial progress has been set back a little bit by my cold, I learned some new handstand techniques from a new friend. I was able to hold the handstand off the wall almost the entire time and it felt very stable. It felt as if I could go into a handstand away from a wall soon after I get back into my routine. Sometimes you have to savor the tiny successes in life.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2011-10-26 Still Fighting Something

It will be interesting when I do get back to CC, to see how much I have to make up. Three steps forward, two steps back. I'm at home trying to rid myself of congestion. A cold? Tuberculosis? Psychosis? Who knows, who cares. Just looking forward to getting back on the Convict Conditioning track soon...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

2011-10-20 Sick Day

Feel like crap today. Still came into work. I guess you're "supposed" to work unless you have like 104 fever and you're bleeding from the eyes otherwise you're painted as a pansy. I'm just hoping this doesn't back me up even further on CC. In the meantime, enjoy this video of someone else showing how much of a beast they are at pull-ups:  One-Arm Pullups

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Ultimate Convict Conditioning Spreadsheet !

I just updated my new training spreadsheet (available on the right sidebar). It contains all of the Convict Conditioning I and training and some of the Convict Conditioning II concepts. I did not include the human flag progression series for my own reasons. I did include calf work, grip work, and neck work from CC2.

2011-10-19 Training Momentum

I think part of what can often make it so hard to do a Convict Conditioning routine or whatever is overcoming inertia. Once you go train, and then go train the next time, and then the next and the next it becomes a habit and you build "momentum". For me it is often this momentum which can carry me through a crappy day when I'm not feeling like training. Not always, but the momentum does help keep this train rolling down the tracks.
Today I did HS and BRG. Four sets of 40 second handstand holds. Then HS half-pushups: 5/8/9. Went onto grip work: Bar Hangs- :60/:50/:50/:50. Interspersed fingertip puhsup. Finally, Bridges: Head Bridges- 20/20 and a set of 10 Full Bidges.

Monday, October 17, 2011

2011-10-17 A Plan vs. No Plan

I see a lot of people who workout, and don't keep any written record of their workouts. Why do they expect to make any progress....because what is the goal you are working toward exactly? Gotta be dilligent with that stuff or you will spin your wheels and get bored, or worse.
Anyway, today I did two sets of 10 full pullups, 8 close pullups, 2 full pullups doing negatives very slowly, and then 4 one arm negative with some assist fomr the other hand. This was hodge-podgy but I am just getting back to pullups after my week long hiatus so I wanted to ease into it.
I did 10 full squats to warmup, then 5 squatted pistols, then set1 x 15 1/2 one-leg squats and set2 x 10. For neck work I'm still doing bridges against the wall- front, back, left, right x20 each.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011-10-16 Nice Little Workout

Today I did pushups and leglifts. It was a warm up with 10 wall pushups each arm, then 2 sets of 10 one arm table pushups (35") with feet 12" apart. Challenge set of 5 half one-arm pushups feet 12" apart. Crappy form on those.
I did 10 flat straight leg lifts, then two sets of 10 bent knee raises. Still trying to figure out what the hell I'm actually working on with Leg Lifts. I did a 30 second single standing leg lift hold on each leg to finish. Then onto calves- two sets of 45 reps double leg bent calf raises. Looking forward to a solid week of Convict Conditioning...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011-10-15 Back on my Regimen

I'm back on my regimen of Convict Conditioning after a week of business meetings and crap at work (rare for me). Today I did Handstand holds (4 sets x 45 sec.), then four sets of 5 half-HS PU. Did bridges (2 sets x 15 Head handstands), then six full bridges. For new CC2 grip training I did three sets x 50 sec. bar hangs. Compact training sets, I feel pretty good.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011-10-11 Weak

I'm forced to be in a meeting all day long and all week long and it is sapping the energy out of me. I did try to do my CC routine yesterday but I had to do it after work and I had zero energy so i only go through the pullups. I did into do squats or any neck work. Yesterday sucked. I guess once in a while we all have days like that. It will unfortunately be a weak week for me with Convict Conditioning because of work constraints. Looking forward to the weekend and kicking all things CC into high gear.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

2011-10-09 Two Gyms

Today was Pushup and LegLift day. I have a little problem in that my office and my apartment have slightly different training environments. At work I can train one arm pushups off my steel bookcase which is 42" high. At home I only have a 35" high pullup bar, which is the same height as my "Table" at work. So I have to improvise. Today I did full one-arm pushups off my 35" high bar (3 sets of 8 each arm), but my legs were 12" apart not touching like I normally train. I'll have to figure out how to work this out. Remember that these are intermediate steps because the half one-arm pushup is ridiculously difficult to do perfectly. I warmed up for this work set with 10 wide full pushups and 10 close pushups, then finished with 4 half-one arm pushups (crappy form).
For leglifts I'm trying something new as an intermediate step.I already completed one of my intermediate steps by holding a single leg out at 90 degrees for 60 seconds. Therefore, I'm now working on sets of single leg lifts (rather than holds). I did 10 reps to front and ten to the side each leg. Hold those legs above 90 degrees for one second and move up and down slowly. I'll come back to the actual CC steps as I feel capable of completed them on my good high-level pullup bar at work.
Finally I worked calves in Convict Conditioning 2 style. I did sets as follows: 40/30/20 double leg bent knees. You have to be careful to activate only the calves and not use momentum of the body.We'll see how it goes.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011-10-08 Hold off on Captains of Crush

Our cat Nora is all about Convict Conditioning II. She's planning her workout regimen as we speak.
Today I did HS PS and Bridges. Warmed up with just five V-pushups. Continuing on Mark Reifkind's advice I am continuing to do multiple sets of shorter timed handstand holds instead of simply trying to go beyond the 60 second progression standard each workout. So I did four sets of 45 second HS holds. I also did four sets of 4 half-handstand pushups.
For bridges I warmed up with 5 head bridges, then did two sets of 15 half bridges. These are hard to do correctly no doubt. I finished with a full bridge hold for about 8 seconds.
So I finished reading Convict Conditioning 2 and it is well worth the money spent to download and read. One thing I'm taking away form it (and I'll be updating my training spreadsheet soon to reflect the new stuff from CC2), is my grip training. Paul Wade says that grippers (Captains of Crush) are unnecessary and they put too much stress on your joints. He writes quite a bit about how the perfect grip training lies in the progression to the one-arm towel hang. Basically he argues that man (as a primate) evolved hanging from branches and that this is why grabbing onto a towel draped over a pullup bar is the best grip training out there. The chapter is much more in-depth than this but this is the main point. So, with this new information I am embarking on grip strengthening by the towel hang. (See CC2). Today I did four sets of 40 second bar hangs.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

2011-10-06 Player Haters

Remember the "Player Haters Ball" form the Chappelle Show? I was cruising around Dragon Door forum and it's amazing that a few people are hating on Convict Conditioning. Granted, I understand why, but what about the people (like me) who silently toil away in their work cells putting in the time on pullups and pushups and bridges? The proof is in the pudding as they say, and after one year we can look at some video and see what kind of progress has been made. I know that I can almost do a one arm pullup today...way more than I could do six months ago. Way more.
Today I worked close pullups 9/8 (set1/set2), then uneven pullups (4/4/4). Finished with a couple wide pullups. Squats felt great, doing 6 squatted pistols each leg, then doing two sets of 12 half one-leg squats. Also did neck bridges off the wall, front, back and left, right.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2011-10-05 The Pump

Today did PSP and LL with calf work. I did three sets one-arm bookcase pushups (Height 42", foot distance 32") 12/12/8. then did two sets one-arm half table pushups (height 25", foot distance 36") 4/4.
These pump the HELL out of your arms. Not that I'm going for that at all, just saying. True one arm pushups (feet close together, hips straight, no body twisting, other arm behind the back is HARD- period) I don't care if you can bench 600 lbs., I'd like to see you do even one of the one-arm table pushups (let alone pushing up off the ground.)
I did a set of 8 sort-of straight leg lifts, but I worked my center so hard in Pilates last night, the LL are overkill today. I finished with 20 reps  2 leg calf raises on the ground holding 2 50lb. dumbbells, 20 on a ledge holding 2 35lb. dumbbells, then 20 reps with bent knees holding 2 25lb. dumbbells.
Itching to get home and dig in to Convict Conditioning 2 !

Convict Conditioning 2 is Now Available !!!

I just downloaded it moments ago form DragonDoor, in eBook format (pdf). Makes me want to take the rest of the week off work to just read it and start in on the new exercises. I'm super excited. Will definitely be modifying my training spreadsheet. It will take some time to digest it and decide how exactly to proceed with including the new material in my workouts. For now and for today, it's business as usual....update later.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Tattoo...

Ok, I'll let the cat out of the bag. Close friends and jiujitsu training partners already know about it. Now my blog followers do too. Got it in Seattle over a month ago. Combine ridiculous physical strength with tons of martial arts skills and you have a Silverback Gorilla with a Katana....or something like that. When I need an extra kick of motivation to train I need only look down at my arm now.

2011-10-03 Day of Rest

Training over a period of years, hopefully you get to know your body and know when it's appropriate and healthy to take a day of rest when you'd otherwise be scheduled to work out. That is today. Yesterday was a solid workout, so let's let those tendons heal up nice and strong!
In other news, I installed my new pullup bar in the gym at work. As far as I'm concerned, the pull-down machine can be thrown out into the recycle bin.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

2011-10-02 New Process with the Handstand

I follow Rif's Blog, and gymnast/fitness expert Mark Reifkind recommended doing multiple sets of HS holds rather than trying to go longer than 60 seconds so that is my new approach to eventually passing the 2 minute mark in Convict Conditioning. I think I feel it working even after the first day. I did four sets of 40 second HS holds against a wall and most of the time my feet were away form the wall. I also broke my intermediate step of V-pushups with two sets of 20. Next I may add in elevated pushups or just start hitting the half HS pushups, we'll see.

Bridges are tough no mater what. I warmed up with 10 head bridges, then did 18/15 half bridges. The surface you do bridges on real seems to matter because of the grip. Speaking of grip, I warmed up with the sport,trainer,#1 (five each on each hand),then did 10 good closes on the #1.5 and tried to close the #2 several times. I did holds on the CoC with 12 seconds on the #2 and 25 seconds on the #1.5. Used a lot of chalk on my hands ad it got all over the carpet. Vacuum cleaner time.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011-10-01 Work in Some Bodyweight Neck Exercises

I decided to go back to horizontal pullups and try to pass the progression standard which is three sets of 30...no dice. I did three sets of 20 and actually felt pretty good about that. A couple months ago I could only do like two sets of 15 plus a third set of 10 so I have made progress. It's mainly an endurance issue for me. Meanwhile I already passed the half pullup and full pullup progression standards, and my work set is now the close pullup. (Still need to go back to the jacknife pullup and pass that). I did four sets of uneven pullups each arm- this is where you really start to feel like you are gaining strength. I also worked in one set of seven close pullups. It's a balance between pure strength training and endurance training.
Squats went well, with two sets of 10 half one leg squats, and then six squatted pistols. Warmed up with 10 full squats and 10 close squats, paying attention to keep my back as straight as possible for as long as possible. Finished with some neck exercises, which is what  show in the video. Be careful with these, and never push too hard on neck exercises. Be patient.